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Parisian Top And A Bendy Bag

I have two recent makes to put up here.

The first is another Parisian Top for me.

2015-12-29 16.12.39 (1)

2015-12-29 16.12.35 (1)

2015-12-29 16.13.53 2015-12-29 16.13.02 2015-12-29 16.12.55

I like this pattern and I love the collar. I got the fabric from Mood awhile ago. I bought it thinking I’d make a t-shirt for Ezra with it, but it was too drapey for a boy’s t-shirt.

Then, I made the last bag in my Craftsy class I talked about in my last post. This one is the Bendy bag.

2015-12-26 17.11.02

It was more fussy than the other bags and while I was making it I was thinking it was a pain, but I like how cute it is so I guess it was worth it ha ha.

I bound all the seams since they are exposed.

2015-12-26 17.10.49 2015-12-26 17.10.32 2015-12-26 17.10.15 2015-12-26 17.10.04

I gave Bendy to my mom for Christmas!

Violet Top By Colette Patterns

I mentioned that Jon said one of my recent makes (a top for me) looked like a clown costume. After he said that, I couldn’t look at my top without thinking of it that way and it was a real bummer. But I hung the shirt up in a place I could see it and I looked at it and examined it every day for a week. After that week, I decided Jon was nuts and that I liked the top after all.


I used the Violet Top pattern by Colette Patterns. I used some stretch poplin from fabric.com and the color is not what I thought it was going to be. It’s a lot brighter and I was going for a more subdued yellow, but the fabric was cheap and I think it goes ok with my Ginger skirt.

The fitting of this top was a little hard. I went with a size 8, because that’s the size I used for my Ginger skirt. I made a muslin first (actually, two muslins!) and that was good because the 8 fit in the arms and across the back, but it was like a tent in the bust and in the torso.

I did a small bust adjustment (actually, Jon helped me with that because it was blowing my mind.) and also moved the bust dart up. The bust dart was sitting below my bust. I read some other reviews that said the same thing about the bust dart.

Then I graded the side seams down to a size 2. I also added a little bit of length to the top, and if I make it again I think I’ll add more because it’s on the short side.


I messed the collar up a little bit. On the muslin, I realized later that I had overlapped the front more than the pattern said to. So I shortened the collar to accommodate, but I shortened it too much. I’ll have to fix that for next time.


I also took some width out of the sleeves. They’re still pretty full even after that, so they are some wide sleeves for the view I made. But I like ’em.


Oh, one other thing was that I hate facings that aren’t sewn down securely, so I tucked the facing under all along the fronts and around the collar and sewed it down.

I think that’s it.

I think this is a good dressy top for me and clown costume or not, I’m going to wear it!

wpid2040-20150419-112613.jpg wpid2037-20150419-112621.jpg


Parisian Top

20150305 191135

I finished my Parisian top that I mentioned I was making in my last post. It took me long enough!

Part of that was because I made a muslin first. I was only worried about the neckline being too low for me so I thought I’d check first.


It was too low for my liking , but only by a little bit. So I made the scoop on the pattern 1/4″ higher.

I also had to shorten the collar piece and the collar facing piece by quite a bit. Maybe I used a much stretchier fabric than the pattern was made for, because I had to cut 4-5 inches off of the collar in order to ease it on and make it lay right and not fall open.

But I love that collar! So I was happy to spend time making it look the way I wanted it to.


I cut a size small. Based on my measurements I could have gone with the small or one size down, but I chose the bigger and I like how it fits. I did have to add a little bit to the sleeve cuffs because they were too tight.


I left the band off of the bottom (even though I wanted it on there so bad!) because I’m planning on making a skirt to go with this top and it will need to be tucked in. I just added a few more inches to the length to compensate.

I got my fabric from Mood and it is soft and stretchy. I don’t think orange is a super flattering color on me, but I loved the print and it was something I could find that matched the brown I bought to make the skirt I want to make.


I really like this pattern and I want to make more tops-next time with a band on the bottom.

20150305 191122